What Are Scrubs and Who Wears Them?

high end scrubs

Scrubs are primarily worn by medical personnel; from your surgeons to their in-theater assistants, from nursing sisters to the nursing assistants, and even the cleaning staff are expected to wear the scrubs. But the scrubs in question need to be high end scrubs, as high end as possible. Why would this have to be an imperative? Let’s examine two areas of the hospital environment. On the more serious note, it is important that the entire environment, never mind the operating theater, be as germ, bacteria and disease free as possible.

The entire hospital needs to be as hygienically and/or clinically clean as possible. The cleanliness imperative ensures that the environment is as free of hazardous materials and unseen toxins – minute particles of bacterium – and diseases as possible. And if there are those specialized units within, there will be those that require a lot more than clean hospital floors, cabinets, wash basins and the wearing of high end scrubs. You would have only seen such spectacles in movies or TV documentaries.

Because unless you were a victim of extreme disease, there is just no way you would have been allowed into this extremely sensitive environment. They are not wearing scrubs over there. So then, on to more pleasant affairs; part two on what signifies a high end scrub. Particularly for the female doctors, nursing and medical assistants, these are as fashionable as possible. But careful considerations are also being given to the patients in this area. The colors that they wear are rosy and cheery.

And most nursing staff these days are slipping on florally patterned and very comfortable slacks and tops, a far cry from those starchy white uniforms and hats their predecessors used to wear back in the day.