How are Animals Painted?

We’ve all seen those beautiful oil paintings and landscapes that often have wild animals in them. Sometimes the creature is in the back of the frame, and other times it takes center stage. But how do these great artists draw the animals so convincingly? If an artist wants a human to pose for a photo, they ask and arrange a modeling session.

Animals can’t be asked to remain still for several hours, so how are they drawn? Most of the time, artists will either jot down a quick sketch or will use photographs to capture the image for later, and then will bring that back to the studio.

Most artists, especially if they want to draw their own scene, will plan out their painting first. They will use drawing as the first layer and sketch out the painting on paper. Making sure that everything is where it should be and that the composition is correct, before moving forward and starting to paint the scene.

Second, the artists also study the animals to get a look into their natural habitat. They’ll lure animals like birds and squirrels into their backyards, or set up cameras to capture larger herds of animals that travel along a particular path. If they can see how the animal works in real life, they’ll have a better chance of capturing those movements on some wildlife prints banff.

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Finally, painting wildlife forces artists to move fast. If you see a herd of deer roaming around and want to paint them, it’s important to grab a sketchbook and jot down any notes or small drawings before they disappear. Also, be sure to ask yourself questions about the animals that could come in handy later when setting the scene.

Capturing life and keeping it still isn’t easy, but it’s worth it when you see the beauty you created.