A Really Good Safety Shield

The personnel of your law enforcement agencies, whether they are public servants or in private practice, particularly as the incident requires, are now wearing them on a regular basis. But they cannot be all eyes and ears to you all of the time to keep you and your family safe. And there is no law written that says that you may not purchase a round ballistic shield for each member of your family. Heck, unlike the gun laws, you do not even need a license to purchase these. But there are cases where you may need permission or a letter of recommendation from your local law enforcement people.

round ballistic shield

You should, however, be given the green light. After all, what could be more important than protecting yourself and your family. The ballistic shield is not a heavy set of material. It should not be a bother for small boned women and children to wear. It is lightweight and made from top grade materials. On the scale of personal security provisions, it is level III. It has already been professionally graded and has been designed specifically for the home defense scenario. This is important for those of you who will be managing firearms in the workplace, late at night, or out on a rural smallholding. Because you are carrying a firearm, there could be the possibility of conflict in the absence of your law enforcement personnel.

The wearing of your own personal shield also allows you to react to a situation with more confidence when faced with armed danger. You are also not restricted in your movements. You need not fear how your kids are doing at the public schools. No one needs to know that they are wearing them and they can move around with confidence too.